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Working with a coach can help you raise self-awareness; that is, to see yourself, your goals, and future path more clearly.  Our coaches make a personal commitment to your success and work with you beyond the expected.


Here's how we're different to other executive or leadership coaches...

  • We structure our client engagements by the month, not by the hour.  We only take on a select number of clients each month so that we can get to know our clients well & focus our energy on their success. 

  • All coaching engagements start with an introductory call that allows potential clients to assess whether their coach is the right fit for them.  It also allows us to understand a little about them, what their unique needs are & what the shape of their life is, so that we can customize a program to them.

  • We send our clients pre-work before their first session to prompt them to spend time in reflection before we begin working together.  By taking the reflection time, clients end up getting more value for their coaching investment, as they are clearer on what they want to get out of the work.

  • The structure of each coaching engagement is tailored to the individual needs of our clients.  We begin all coaching engagements with a deep dive session on our client’s goals.  Following that first session, we work with some clients for 30 mins every week, others for an hour every few weeks.  It’s based on their needs & schedule.

  • Clients can also text, e-mail or schedule short calls with their coach in between planned appointments should something come up.  Plus they have access to our online coaching portal which makes scheduling appointments, sharing files or notes with their coach and completing pre-work simple.  It can all be done right from their phone or computer.


Whether you are a leader of an organization in need of change, or an individual looking to explore how you can improve your leadership practice & business results, the Leadership Circle Profile is a proven model that creates results. 


Most 360° profiles focus on either Management Style and Personality, Competencies, or Underlying Tendencies. The Leadership Circle Profile combines all of these areas into one assessment that measures leadership effectiveness & helps you understand the underlying assumptions that drive it.

We love it as a 360° tool because extensive psychometric analysis has gone into the development of the Leadership Circle Profile and it is statistically valid in every way that validity is measured.  There is also a proven correlation between improving leadership effectiveness through The Leadership Circle approach and the delivery of better business results.  Full details of the research can be found here: The Leadership Circle & Organizational Performance

There are a number of ways we can deploy this assessment tool depending on your individual leadership context. 

Awareness Building Package                  $900

Receive your personal Leadership Circle Profile 360° assessment report and spend 90-minutes with a coach debriefing the results via Zoom. Come away with a new & deeper understanding of your leadership strengths & opportunities and the underlying reasons behind your unique leadership approach.

Leadership Development Package       $3,000

Partner with a coach to build your unique leadership development plan.  Begins with completing the Leadership Circle Profile 360° assessment.  Your coach will then conduct additional stakeholder interviews to deepen their understanding of your leadership approach.  Your coach will travel to you and spend a half-day, in-person, debriefing the results.  This will give you a new & deeper understanding of your leadership strengths & opportunities and the underlying reasons behind your unique leadership approach.  During that session, they will also partner with you to set development goals and an action plan to achieve them.


Partner with a leadership coach to overcome short-term challenges.  

$450 per month


Partner with a leadership coach to:

  • Shape your career so that it aligns with your life's purpose

  • Support you as you transition into a new leadership role

  • Shift limiting beliefs & leadership behaviors

  • Make a long-lasting life change

3-month Package             $1,200 (Save $150)

6-month Package             $2,250 (Save $450)

12-month Package           $4,000 (Save $1,400)

*50% of package price must be paid upfront, with balance paid in monthly installments

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

 C. S. Lewis

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