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Working with a coach can help leaders raise self-awareness; that is, to see themselves, and the impact they have on others, more clearly.  Our coaches partner with both the organizational sponsor and the leader in order to catalyze meaningful & high impact change.  Here's how we're different:

We're committed to your success, not to watching the clock.

  • We work with a limited number of clients each month so we can focus our energy on your leader's success.

  • Our video / phone or in-person coaching packages are tailored to the leader's needs & schedule - we work with some clients for 30 mins every week, others for an hour every few weeks. 

  • The leader can also text or e-mail their coach between appointments should something come up.

  • Our coaching portal is accessible 24/7 from any device: schedule appointments, share files / notes with your coach or complete exercises from wherever they are.


Our coaching methods are evidence-based AND practical.  We leverage the following resources to help your leaders.

  • Deep leadership practice & expertise in senior leadership roles in global, matrix organizations 

  • Hundreds of hours of individual coaching & team development experience 

  • Coaching methodology & ethics from the International Coach Federation & the Institute of Coaching at Harvard. 

  • Research from the field of Positive Psychology & Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 


We aren't afraid to "go there" with leaders.
We are able to both illuminate & address unhelpful behavior & mindsets.​ Growth happens where there is discomfort. .

We understand the complexities of leadership, because we've lived it. 
Having both led & been a member of senior leadership teams, we bring an understanding & empathy of what it feels like to be in a leader's shoes.


We recommend all coaching engagements begin with running a 360° assessment.  If you have an in-house assessment tool, we can work with that, or alternatively, we can conduct one for you using the Leadership Circle Profile tool.

All coaching engagements are structured based on both organizational and client needs, but we recommend a minimum 3-month time frame. We will use a combination of in-person and Zoom videoconferencing to conduct the coaching sessions.

The process starts with calls with both the internal sponsor and the individual leader to set clear goals for the work.  Once the engagement is underway, we will work directly with the leader and all conversations will be confidential.  We will, however, schedule a series of check-in calls with the sponsor to gauge the progress against goals.



If you are are looking to explore how your leaders can improve their leadership practice & business results, the Leadership Circle Profile is a proven model that creates results. 


Most 360° profiles focus on either management style and personality, skills / competencies, or underlying behavioral tendencies. The Leadership Circle Profile combines all of these areas into one assessment that measures leadership effectiveness & helps leaders understand the underlying assumptions that drive their behavior.

We love it as a 360° tool because extensive psychometric analysis has gone into the development of the Leadership Circle Profile and it is statistically valid in every way that validity is measured.  There is also a proven correlation between improving leadership effectiveness through The Leadership Circle approach and the delivery of better business results.  Full details of the research can be found here: The Leadership Circle & Organizational Performance

We offer a range of options for deployment within your organization, from light-touch/self-awareness building to deep-dive leadership development planning.

We'd love to discuss your executive coaching needs further.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” 

Tim Gallwey

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