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We love helping incredible leaders take on new challenges & overcome obstacles.


Entrepreneur & Author, Johannesburg, South Africa

"I cannot thank you enough for the six amazing sessions. You have opened my mind and eyes to marketing and I no longer am fearful of it. Thank you for your generous time if we went over and pushing me harder when I needed it. You having phenomenal patience and listening skills combined with asking difficult questions. Your high bubbly energy was infectious. Truly an amazing coach you are!"


Vice President of Strategy, Atlanta, USA

"I've been fortunate enough to have known Alicia for many years, and have always looked to her for advice and council. In this more formal role as a coach, she continually brought thoughtful questions to the conversation, prompting me to dig deep around the problems I was looking to address, and to problem-solve for myself. I left every session inspired and equipped to do the work to improve."


Deputy Regional Manager, Dakar, Senegal

"I worked with Alicia at a time where I felt stuck in my career. Her coaching combined with her own experience as an executive helped me gain some perspective on my situation. By working with her I was able to identify strategies to make the most of the current situation while working towards my goals for my career.  Her coaching style is very practical and very hands on directly applicable to daily life.  Alicia also has a great sense of humor that makes the work sessions both productive and pleasant."


Language & Intercultural Trainer

Milan, Italy

"Alicia has a powerful and respectful coaching style. She has a strong presence and she creates an authentic connection with her clients. She has a very pragmatical approach but she also establishes a true relationship on a deeper, emotional level. I am thankful for the coaching experience with her as I really made a shift in my mindset on a significant professional topic."


Senior Marketing Leader, Sydney, Australia

"I want to say a HUGE THANKS for supporting & coaching me through this amazing opportunity.  The last year has been very challenging & hard to deal with and you've been amazing. I am thankful for everything you've done to help me through it."



Global Marketing Leader, Atlanta, USA

"Thank you for all your kindness, care & support over these last 9 months.  You have been a person I could lean on, be myself with, and a voice of reason & inspiration when I have needed it most!  Thank you for everything."


Senior Communications Leader, Atlanta, USA

"Your support and encouragement and your belief in me as a professional has been an invaluable compass as I've charted a new course over these last few months. Thank you."

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